Hawker today offers three ways you can buy a dowel machine of your choice under our one year warranty:

  1. New Machines
    All parts are machined within the past year to the most recent prints and assembled with the latest engineering and safety standards to your specific needs.
  2. Rebuilt Machines
    Hawker totally disassembles the machine, cleans each part, and inspects for wear. Hawker then replaces all bearings, gears, seals, and belts. All other parts are remachined to make as close to new condition as possible. However, if the part does not conform to print, we will then replace it. The machine is then built up the same as a new one with all the latest safety guards. At an additional cost, we will replace wiring, electrical boxes, variable drive units, and motor if desired.
  3. Reconditioned Machines
    Hawker totally disassembles the machine of your choice. Hawker then cleans and inspects all weldments and castings along with listing the condition of the various mechanical parts and any machining required. Hawker then prepares reconstruction list giving options of either using parts from other rebuilds to mate to usable parts already in the machine or replacing the whole assembly with new parts on the shelf. In this way, the customer and Hawker know exactly what has been done and can pretty well tell how long it will work from the past jobs done over the last ten years.

Please note that there is a basic charge of $1500.00 to disassemble the machine, check parts to print, to reassemble the machine, and realign, if possible or as close to possible even though no other work is done or parts are used.








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