Cutter Heads

Hawker Cutter Heads are standard on alll new Hawker Dowel Machines and are available as replacements for older machines. The heads precisely adjust all four cutter knives simultaneously for fast, exact size control. Cutter heads are available in three sizes with infinitely variable adjustments from 5/18" to 2", 1-1/4" to 3-1/4" and 1-3/4" to 4". A dial indicator attatchment for precision sizing is optional. Special cutter heads for turning to 6" can be provided.

Hawker high-speed knife sets are heat treated, match-ground on all surfaces and perfectly balanced for maximum life and efficiency. Narrow, standard and wide knives, plus beading and grooving knives, are available from stock. Grinding templates can be furnished to help maintain the correct pitch during subsequent sharpenings.


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